Our Introduction

Structural Panels Australia is an Australian owned company, based in Daylesford, Victoria that manufacturers Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). SIPS can be used for all wall, floor and roof applications. The SIPS panel is made up of an insulation core with skins on either side of it. Generally the insulation core is of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and the skins are of OSB (Orientated Strand Board). SIPS are a load bearing structural system which replaces conventional timber stud framing & insulation in a single panel.


Alternative Structural Systems
  • Load Bearing Structural system strong enough to go multilevel
  • Architecturally flexible with ability to achieve any designed plan
  • Quick installation achieving lock up stage within a few days
  • Timber product which combines well with timber framework if necessary
  • OSB provides for high pull out load allowing fixtures to be attached to it directly
  • Panels can be used for floors and roofs
  • Can be Pre-fabricated factory packed ready to assemble structural walls
  • Ease of electrical wiring; reduces subcontractor time on site
Energy Efficiency Envelope
  • Composite insulation which provides a tight building envelope effectively reducing heat losses.
  • Thickness of insulation can be increased to achieve high R-values
  • Big reduction in Thermal Bridging compared to conventional construction.
  • Environmentally friendly OSB is made from small diameter logs of fast growing self-regenerating
    wood species

Structural benefits

Structural Insulated Panels are high performance, engineered roof, wall and floor panels for use in residential, commercial, educational, and other buildings. In wall applications, SIPS provides high strength in racking and diaphragm shear capacities, making them suitable as shear walls to resist high winds and earthquakes.

In roof applications designers can specify SIPS to create vaulted open spaces as they have long clear span capability. SIPS can reduce the need for intermediate structural supports.

Recent Project

Project Description

Project : Lake Crackenback Residence, New South Wales
Architect/Developer : Kardna Design & Drafting
Builder : Self built by the owner

Set with a northerly aspect with stunning views of Lake Crackenback situated in the Snowy Mountains, this energy efficient solar passive home uses SIPS panels for the walls & Ceiling panels.  The construction played a large part in achieving this highly efficient thermal rating & design.

The name of this beautiful property Black Diamond Chalet and it locates No 19, Rocky Road, Crackenback. This Property is available to rent on Airbnb please check the following link if you are interested.


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