Building a Sustainable Future

Eco-Conscious Structural Panels for a Greener Tomorrow


Our SPA and Tridek SIPs are used in a wide range of residential and light commercial buildings for wall, floor, ceiling and roof applications. We provide you with advice and support from start to finish on every project. Below are a few examples of what you can build with our SIPs.

Strathbogie Ranges       

Builder: Self built by the owner
Location: near Euroa, Victoria
A residence of grand proportions built on a mountain top with spectacular views. The size of the house makes it imperative to reduce on the energy to be used for both heating and cooling this impressive home. This has been successfully achieved by using the SIPS panels for the walls and Tridek panels for the roof, thus ensuring a tight building envelope with excellent insulation values.

Lake Crackenback          

Builder: Self built by the owner
Location: New South Wales
Set with a northerly aspect with stunning views of Lake Crackenback situated in the Snowy Mountains, this energy efficient solar passive home uses SIPS panels for the walls & Ceiling panels. The construction played a large part in achieving this highly efficient thermal rating & design.

Yarra Valley     

Builder: Hunter Constructions
Location: Victoria
The owner of this house spent considerable time researching the requirements of an energy efficient solar passive home. This home uses SIPS panels for the walls in combination with Tridek Roofing panels. These panels together, played a large part in achieving this energy efficient design. This house has been oriented perfectly to the north with the Tridek roof at the appropriate angle and will use virtually no energy for heating and cooling.


Builder: LG Building
Location: Victoria
This residence replaced an existing house with the same design to blend in with the surrounding neighbourhood. SIPS panels were used for the walls and floors in combination with Tridek panels for the roof. The energy efficiency achieved by the building envelope, fully met the owner’s expectations.

MT HELEN       

Builder: Jess Herzberg 90000 Hz.
Location: Victoria
This build has been created with heritage detailing and reclaimed building materials to create this impressive warehouse designer home. This building has a 6 star energy rating and incorporates SIPs wall, floor and roofing panels.


Location: Victoria
Winchelsea Medical Centre is a modern and thermally efficient commercial building utilising both our wall and roofing products. This purpose built facility comprises a cafe at the front of the premises, with the medical centre accessed from the side and pathology at the rear. With the appropriate cladding, the walls can be used on a boundary wall adjoining another property.


Location: Victoria
When the Kyneton Ridge Winery was renovating their cellar door area, they chose to use TRIDEK SIPs for their new roof and for the wall cladding. This helps provide for more evenly controlled temperature throughout the building, which is better for their patrons and for their wines.


Builder: David Hynes, Hycon Homes
Location: Victoria
This two bedroom house was designed to be simple, practical, energy efficient and affordable. The design uses SPA SIPs for both the external walls and the floors (which are on stumps and bearers), and TRIDEK SIPs for the roof. By using panels, a very quick build was achievable by a small team, saving on the labour component of the project.