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Structural Panels Australia (SPA) is an Australian company located in Daylesford Victoria, manufacturing structural insulated panels (SIPs) for use in residential and commercial construction. Our range of insulated roof panels, insulated wall, floor and ceiling panels, facilitates the build of your next project with industry leading efficiency.

What is a SIP?

Structural, Super Strong, Load Bearing and Lightweight
Insulated, Provides High Thermal and Energy Efficiency
Panel, Pre-Fabricated, Faster and Easier to Assemble

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Structural Benefits

Load bearing structural system for single and double story construction
Architecturally flexible to achieve almost any design
Materials allow for fixtures to be attached to it directly
Designed for use in floor, wall, ceiling and roof applications
Replaces stud frames, and joists
Reduces the number of bearers needed
Can replace roofing battens, trusses and ceiling joists
Prefabricated, factory packed and ready to assemble structural panels

Thermal and Acoustic Benefits

Composite insulation provides an air-tight building envelope
Effectively reduces heat transfer and helps maintain even temperatures throughout the year
Insulation levels (R-values) can be increased by using a thicker insulation core and using PUR instead of EPS as the core material
Big reduction in Thermal Bridging compared to conventional construction methods
Increased levels of comfort at lower costs
Reduced sound transfer provides quieter interior spaces

Environmental Benefits

Environmentally friendly OSB is made from smaller diameter logs of fast growing wood species and utilises one third more of a saw log when compared to timber framing
Less waste in manufacture with greater ability to recycle offcuts
Less environmental impact due to better energy efficiency of SIP buildings

Cost Benefits

Quick installation saves on labour, achieving lock up stage within a few days on smaller projects
Saves money by reducing the need for heating and cooling to maintain comfort

“We didn’t just stumble over SIPs and decide to use them, we spent 5 years researching how to build a passive house and think this is how all houses should be built… The house is fantastic, we’ve designed it as a passive house and it works perfectly… we don’t have any air conditioning and we only ran our heater for maybe 6 to 8 hours in total last year… its quiet, its airtight and truly well insulated…”


Owner of a SIPs house, Yarra Valley, VIC.

“SIPs appealed to me because they are super strong, super insulated and are really quick and easy to put up as well… Certainly moving forward, moving towards SIPs panel construction is definitely a much better way of building, not only in Australia but all around the world…”


David Hynes

Registered Builder, Hycon Homes, Ryanston, VIC.